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i was at wal-mart the other day and saw a great deal on thick, heavy, `100% cotton` black denim.

bought a couple of yards to make wicks from

did a burn test when i got home, and the surface boiled!

i went and bleached it good, thinking maybe it was just a treatment chemical that needed to get out of there, made a cathederal head tonight, burned it, and it.. uhm... melted.

not really melted, but seriously sagged down, and got super brittle and flakey.

does this sound like 100% cotton to anyone else?

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Dude, best thing Ive found for making your own cotton wicks is to go to the nearest Pep Boys (or similar auto shop) and they will have bundled mechanic rags. You get like 12 for 5 bucks or so. They are nice size and really absorbant. I would make big ~4 inch wicks with 2 rags in each wick and they would burn great the first time. The flames were huge and they lasted like 10+ mins. I could get 4 - 6 burns from each set on average.

Ive moved on to Kevlar now though. Making my own wicks is annoying hehe.

But no, that doesnt sound like pure cotton. If it melts, dont use it heh.

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