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I spun fire for the first time last night with some homemade equipment. T o be completely honest I loved it. smile My friend was having a few people over for his birthday and i just figured i might as well spin since it was finally a warm night. The sound is amazing and it looks incredible. Th only problem was my dodgy homemade poi broke after a minute and a half so now i am definatly saving up to buy a better quality pair. I can't wait to spin again

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Cheers, first spins are always amazing. I recommend getting a nice ballchain/fire head setup from the HOP shop... Cathedral or Monkey Fist heads, depending on how heavy you like your gear (Monkey fists = heavier). You'll be a fire-addict soon enough.

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whoot! ive recently lit up for the first time too biggrin with the other person in my avatar. the noise is well scary! congrats beerchug

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Once you get a bit more familiar with the flame you should take a trip down here to Philly. Im always looking for new firespinners to chill with.

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my first burn ranks as one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.

the light of the flames danced off and over me. it was spiritual.

now i'm just happy if i manage to land a 5 bt weave without setting my crotch on fire and leaving waffle burns in places i'd rather not mention ;]

Lights dancing off my skin as chains wrap round it.
Pain is in a little box and I'm so glad I found it.

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