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Posted:Hey yup I'm a new member just sayin hey to you all!! HEY . No really I need some help,are there set links to use between moves in your set, or is it just a case of havin' a play and seeing what you come up with?
I've been tryin to get from a weave to an over the head weave, can it be done?? Help!! any pointers would be helpfull.
Oh yeah great site by the way

Thanx Spike

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Posted:Hi Spike 33 and welcome to HOP
Your questions would be more likely to find an answer on the "poi moves" section of this board which is where we all discuss moves and transitions etc... Don't be surprise if one of the moderators moves it to that section or even closes the thread and invites you to "revive" some older threads on that subject

there have been quite a few threads on that (use the word "transition" or "fountain" in the search engine)... I think you'd find great inspiration watching some other spinners / watching the COL videos and also, just trying to relaxing and go with the flow

As to your question ..; I guess you mean weave to windmill maybe ? please check the "poi lessons" to make sure we're talking abotu the same poves
the easiest way to go from one to the other is to do a 90 turn. you might want to take a look at videos of the "fountain" (forward weave => windmil => reverse weave) and you'll probably find the answer

again welcome and enjoy

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