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old hand
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Posted:Shambala festival

Sounds good?

Anyone going to this?



We are proud to announce the most amazing indoor event of the year: Shambala Easter Festival will bring the magic and diversity of the festival into an eight room extravaganza in Bristol. Expect amazing live music, performace art, visuals, cinema - Morrocan cafe style, trapeze, the return of the Monkey Bar with cava and cocktails, live Jazz bar, DJs from across the country, healing room, stalls and the unexpected! 1500 people in fancy dress for an allmighty all-nighter.

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Uncle Chop Chop
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Posted:I was thinkning about going I went to Shambala Festival last summer and it was absolutley mint, had a right good time lots of fire spinning and lovely people.

If your thinking bout this you should deffo go in the summer.

anyhows peace

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