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Forums > Social Chat > how's the kiwis on the bottom of the world?

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sumthin sumin smmnm....
Location: home sweet home
Member Since: 4th Sep 2003
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Posted:so i finally made it to this tiny new country, and i love it here. i even made it down to victoria park to see the spinners in action, but noone was there. i have to say i'm dissapointed. but maybe i'll find somebody lurking about somewhere...

so till then, cheers from the bottom of the world!!



Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:Yeah, Victoria park seemed to be a random event when I was that way last year. There's hopefully still a juggling shop in Kevin's Arcade on K' Road and they did a juggling workshop outside it on Mondays, so you try asking there.

New Zealand is a most amazing place, have fun there. smile


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Posted:I know its getting cold and stuff but make sure you venture into the South Island dude. Nelson area is great and the Christchurch and Dunedin are lots of fun. Queenstown beautiful but v.expensive and touristy.
Don't be another one of those people who says "oh New Zealand, I've been there."
"Where did you go?" "Only I only got as far as Auckland"!!!!!!!!!
Thats like spending 2 years in London and then saying you know England. Grrrr that upsets me!

I know I shouldn't rant in front of unsuspecting people on a Saturday.


I said perhaps, and thats FINAL.

I love my length!

Fire Bunny
Fire Bunny

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Posted:there is no start or finish in teh univers... no top or bottem, so there can be no top or bottem of the world. wer not at the bottem the bigger placeses just like to think we are biggrin

yay you made it!! yeah you really should come down the south island. and defanily come to nelson! so how are you finding it so far? hope your loving it biggrin biggrin cant talk now got to run

byes :big ol kiwi hug

What if we think the jokes on them,
But really - the jokes on us....

and also... i wuv Rougie *snuz*


Corporate Circus Arts Entertainer
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Fire night is veyr sporadic, and tends to shut down in winter, which has arrived and is cold... (but not too cold).

Balloonski the juggling shop has closed and there is no monday night juggling event any longer frown

Friday night juggling is still on, in Auckland, but not much poi or staff unless I happen to be there... Friday night juggling home page...

If you are in auckland and want to do some spinning, sen dme a PM or email and I'll see what i can do to met up with you.

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sumthin sumin smmnm....
Location: home sweet home
Member Since: 4th Sep 2003
Total posts: 372
Posted:well, i'll watch for it, at any rate! thanks all.

saw a knife/fire juggler/sword swallower in atia square today, way that anybody from here?