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Posted:Welcome to HoP's social forum!
The social forum is the place for chat and forms a large part of our open and friendly community. After all we can't just talk about Poi and staff spinning!

Social is split into several sections:

Social Chat - is a place for informal and random chit chit, silly threads, games, one liners and the infamous "either/or" and "what do you know" threads.

Social Discussion is for more involved talk. Here we ask people to keep to the topic of the thread.

Introductions Is where people get to know who everyone else is. If you're new start your own introduction thread and let us know who you are.

Help Exactly that if you need help then find it here.

Note: These are open forums and as such posts should avoid being individual communications or a replacement for a chat room. HoP provides a Private Message system and we ask you to use this or direct email for personal communications. There is also an independently maintained chat room provided for Home Of Poi users by Flid. Excessive and insular posting in a thread makes it less approachable to new visitors, uses up bandwidth that has to be paid for and causes technical problems for the board.

The Moderators

What are the rules of the board?
A recap of the rules of this board are available here

Hi, my name's Xyz, I'm new to the board!
Welcome! Please introduce yourself in the Introductions section by starting your own thread and telling us a little about yourself.

Help! I'm having problems with the board!
You can try looking at the FAQs to see if that helps, and if not contact one of the moderators who'll try to help as best we can.

I have a question about the shop. / My Home Of Poi order hasn't arrived yet!
If you have a question about the shop then the Home Of Poi shop can be contacted directly at Many people on the board have bought from the shop and so can tell you how good they think something is, but only the shop directly can answer any precise questions such as shipping costs/times.

Somebody just told me to do a search. Were they being rude?
Some questions get asked a lot of times, so the answer is on the board somewhere already. In the near future each section will have it's own FAQ, but until then a search is the best and quickest way of accessing years of posts.

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