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Okay...I had one of those weekends that was a blur and nothing seemed real due to lack of sleep, but I learned a few interesting things.The mini-glowsticks when stuck in the mouth and played with (with the tongue of course) while out and/or spinning is a really cool effect that many told me they found erotic.(Thank you Malcolm
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)The body paint sold through this store is a pain to put on with only a tiny black light bulb, kind of runs and smudges but can be so much fun it is scary! Make hand prints in fun places, then go into a club.....
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I think next time I am going to paint eyes on my chest since that is where most men were looking anyway! I highly recommend it to anyone who frequents where black lights are. Thank you Malcolm!Fire in the pouring rain is the greatest thing! Make sure you do it on black top so you can get the cool reflections. (I think Whipping Boy and I will be sending in some photos). It was an amazing feeling, having a chilly rain splash down in my face while the heat from a nosebreaker evaporated it. There was also the sound. In addition to the roar there was a faint sizzle of when the rain pelted my fire. The ground was a bit slick so I took it a bit easier than I might have, and the chains were went flying when I tried to go back from one handed to a two handed, but since the ground was wet there was no worries, I just picked it up and kept on going. In the end I was absolutely soaked, and completely going from the sensory overload!Lastly, the Fluff-Cuff Poi are a riot! They take a bit of getting used to, and need to be kept loose on the wrist but not very loose or else you get chaffed. If you are not so dexterous with your weaker hand make sure you have a friend nearby to unlock you but other than that it is fun!!!!!, and tickly too! Yet again, props and thanks to Malcolm!
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Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir
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