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A photographer just posted a bunch of photos of us from the Dec. performance in Los Angeles. We were bodypainted by Yaari, a highly regarded L.A. painter, and his assistants. He used a combination of watercolor, UV, and dayglo paints. Here's a shot of me: of the paint is chipping off as I had just performed my floor staff set out on the rain, spittle, and kero slicked sidewalk in front. We did two fire shows outside and a UV glowstick show on the stage.There aren't any photos of the fire show, but there are many arty shots of us painted indoors. As many of the women decided to perform topless, some even completely naked (bless them), let me warn you about that--but still recommend that open-minded adults check out the photos in Antonio Bonsorte's fine gallery: performers were members of Heliopolis out of Santa Barbara, Got Fire? from Los Angeles, and Prometheus (Ventura), performing under the collective name Napalm Pilots.Maximus

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Wow...very cool...Looks like you had a great time!Cheers,C

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wicked pics
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