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Posted: Well, last friday, at a Rave in Pittsburg, Pa called Mystic Motion 2, Me and 2 of my close Fire Spinning friends were invited to come and spin indoors, on stage in a blocked off area inside in the main room in front of the DJ's.

here was the linup:
Dave Ralph - UK *spun for him*
John Aquaviva - Canada *spun for him*
Micro - New York
DJ Irene - LA
DJ Craze - Miami
Danny the Wildchild - Chicago
Phantom 45 - Chicago
Faust & Shortee - Atlanta *spun for them*
Michael Myers - Philadelphia
Knowledge - New Haven
The Zelch Brothers - Pittsburgh
Eric Justin - Pittsburgh
Trilogik - Pittsburgh
Zone - Pittsburgh
Pailo - Pittsburgh
Kira - Pittsburgh
Dalke - Pittsburgh
Didi - Pittsburgh
Osmotic - Pittsburgh

well, it started off really great, the crowd really got into it, the Dj's were really into it. The fire started easily (used 50/50 coleman/lamp oil), there was a barrier, and safety equipment available (fire extinguishers and wet towels).

we got almost all of the spinning on VHS, and will be putting it online and overlapping the audio from their sets so we can let you all see it. We also took a good number of pictures from the party!

I just wanted to say, this shit is SO fun. Its an addiction now. I spun the next night at a local club (warehouse kind of place) and the people there were astounded!

i thought Getting a gig was by FAR the best feeling i think i ever had.....
then i got on stage and spun in front of over 1000 people with 2 really close friends!

Peace,Travis IM: frodus17

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Posted:crap, nice party There's going to be a party in madison where they advertise firedancers, it's indoors too, with dj rap, richard humptyvission, dj micro, dj rectangle, electric skychurch, and a bunch of locals. I'll just be sticking with the glowsticks for that, though fire would be a fun thing to do at something that big.

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