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yes folks, its a whole lotta fun.

its not backwards weave, its 'reverse', against the grain.

it goes a little something like this.

poi spin forwards wheel plane,

right poi crosses to underneith left arm.

then they swap positions so the the right arm is ontop, (the difficult bit)

then the left poi crosses the body underneith the right (the difficult bit)

the the right poi comes across, and then round under the left to start the motion again

bassically its a weave, but the hand positions are upside down.

youll find you kneed to seperate them to do this and that also theres a bit of thread the kneedle going on, as if you try this both on the same plane you get a hyperloop.

this goes onto the other possibility of 'reverse' weave, which is what i call 'cooking the loop'

when you hyperloop you can use the 'reverse' weave motion to twist it up on the hand side of the hyperloop while its twisting outside also. transition this and you should get lots of beat of unwinding, even more if you keep going with the 'reverse' motion.

im thinking that 'reverse' is a bad name mybe, but hey *shrug*

almost everyhting else can be done reverse too, go have a look....

prizes for the first person to cleanly make a backwads butterfly go from front to btb to bth.

T wave

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from waht i understood and i'm probably way more confused than u r
u gotta spin the poi forward while creating the reverse motion with your hands as if u were doing a reverse weave... prob got that wrong but that would explain the name anti weave since oposites cancel each other but... where it doesnt make sense is tht if u spin backwards, how can u spin forward confused
well get it eventually raghkyre

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watch your hands guys:

with a fwd weave you bring your hands from underneath the other arm, back across to its natural side and back over to on top of the other arm.

with a rev weave you do the opposite of this - move a hand from on top, back to its natural side and back underneath the other arm.

so spin a rev weave over and over and over and over, until the hand/arm movement is imprinted on your brain.

now start with the poi spinning fwd and try to recreate the arm movements from the rev weave.

a separation is required on each side to avoid tangles.

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ooooohh!!!@ new emtions! lol
kk other than that its jsut that.. when i spin a rev weave, i put each arm under and under and under and so on but your like i figure that the only way i could keep spining it forward by keep going under and under is by spinning it with my wrists cus wel.. the reason i put arm under arm is do create a reverse motion its so paradoxaalll! confused

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Erm, I'm pretty sure I can do this without seperation but just by isolating?

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actually you can do without much of either.. its all in the timing whihc you doing the isolation and seperation helps..

basically on the left side forward spinning poi:
insteadof pulling under and inside and over.. just roll you right wrist to poin t under in and over.. it takes a little while to get used to spinning inswing but then you can do the whole motion of getting the right poi formoutside to inside back outside in one circle (beat?)

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