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We all know its nice to put in a flash start...I've got 'em down with ma juggling and devilsticks but haven't worked out any with a staff yet. Any suggestions?


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Can't do this myself but as an idea... anyone remember the Osaka 2004 baton video that the lovely MCP hosts on her site? There's a boy who holds his baton with his bent knee, then goes into a forward roll straightening his leg as he does so and sending the baton into a vertically spinning throw, although I'm sure a "flat" throw is also possible from the same move.
If this was done with a wet staff the burnoff would start as it rolled down the back of the leg and into the throw... then catch it behind your back!

*no moves there are no moves there are no moves there are no moves there are no moves there are no*

"Oooh, what a shiny new move!"

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