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Posted:I'm headed to a fire spinning/drumming gathering in the next 30 minutes, recommend me an interesting thing to bring that I might have around the house to make things more interesting biggrin

I'm completely and utterly bored, and I filled a backpack with stuff I'm bringing, and I feel like I should bring something interesting. What I'm bringing:

4 gallons of white gas
Small torch for lighting up gear (Runs on lamp oil for 15 hours)
2 towels (One for fire safety, the other for sitting on)
Extra chains in case of failure, and for anyone else who's chains fail
A few CDs in case someone brings a CD player.

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Posted:A shampoo bottle... empty, full or other... tongue
A plant box... empty, full or other... rolleyes
Two apples, and two pieces of string to make apple poi... weavesmiley
And batteries... in case somebody bring a CD player... but no batteries. rolleyes

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Posted:Oooh! I know what you should bring! You should bring me along! biggrin I can be interesting, I promise! And I'm around the house, so.... biggrin

Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?

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Posted:A medium-sized reptile (iguana, snake, etc.) always gets attention.

Failing that, a small mammal (preferably furry) scores cuteness points.

-Mike )'(
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Posted:Frankinsence to burn because it smells nice.
1 botle of theakstons old peculiar, to sup.
big blanket to sit on.
large russian coat to sit in.
spare lighter
another spare lighter
two more spare lighters
and another lighter just to be sure.

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