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caz86Twister Fire Starter ridin on a tratter
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Location: Bristol/Exeter UK

Ok, I'm flying out to Rome tomorrow morning and I can't decide whether to take poi or not. I know I can't take parafin on the plane and they still stink of it! But at the same time spinning in Rome is sooooo tempting! So do I chance it? Or leave my babies at home?!

Caz x


bubblishisFalse Eyelash
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Location: New York City

You can always make - or buy - another pair.

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DentrassiGOLD Member
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Location: Brisbane, Australia

air them outside for a night, that will reduce how powerful the odour is. then wrap them in some cloth, wrap that in a plastic bag, wrap that in cloth, and another plastic bag for good measure.

then bury the package as deep in your suitcase/backpack as possible. as long as you dont try to take them on the plane in hand luggage, you should get away with it.


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vanizeSILVER Member
Carpal \'Tunnel
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Location: Austin, Texas, USA

I do about what dentrassi said, and have never had a problem.


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Hehe, when travelling back from Germany my friend had a pineapple wrapped up in plasticyness and the security people stopped her to ask what it is hehe. Maybe it was just the spikes and they thought it was one of those maces?? Teehee. Ananas! Ananas! ubblol ubblol

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FabergGOLD Member
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Location: Dublin, Ireland

If they're detatchable, seperate your wicks from your chains. That way if the wicks were to get confiscated you'll still have your chains. weavesmiley

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PheonnexxBRONZE Member
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Location: Plymouth, UK

If you can detache your wicks why not put them in an airtight lunchbox or sumin as as it is airtight it should keep all the smell inside.

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ShawnieGOLD Member
Captain Shawnie the Dreaded
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Location: Canada

Yes, I agree with everybody. Bring them just pack em in something airtight. Fuel generally is not that expensive so don't bother bringing it, buy some there.

fake teeth and glueBRONZE Member
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Location: somewhere, England (UK)

ok probably take your poi but i would sugest that you don't leave your babies at home by themselves because who knows the trouble they'll get into.

you just lost the game!!!!!! !!!!!

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[Nx?]BRONZE Member
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ROME!!! ohhh, im so jelouse! or i would be, if it wernt for the fact shes comming here....

for extreme mesures, but ones that are garenteed to work, soak your poi in water. yup. i know i know, its really bad for them, but if you dry them out thourghly after there should be no ill effects.

was gonna recomend some places to go spin..... oh yeah 'strike', youll have to ask a local (preferably a dodgy looking one), and i cant remember the names of the other piazza's i was gonna mention.

I warn you, i only saw one other person spinning poi in rome, and badly at that. oh, and 1 five ball juggler. biggrin

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GnorBRONZE Member
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Location: Perth, Australia

I took a screwdrive and spare wick just in case i had a problem with getting them in or out on my trip to the UK. Customs in London and Dublin was nonexistant.
I did get questioned about them on the way back into Australia as Aust customs are pretty stringent. But there wasnt a real problem as they are looking at diseases coming in not flight risk.
Good luck..

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caz86Twister Fire Starter ridin on a tratter
156 posts
Location: Bristol/Exeter UK

I took them in the end! No probs! I "busked" in the park too smile .......accidently tho.

Thanx guys

Caz x


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