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Posted:ive been searching everywhere for a little djembe, about 50 cm (20inches) tall to take with me to nz in may but i cant seem to find one in australia ANYWHERE! does anyone have any suggestions, or know of some places in new zealand where id be able to pick one up????

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Posted:hello dear!

havent chatted in a while. you still in sydney?

theres two options - go to glebe markets on a saturday, theres a guy there who sells them, or go to an oxfam shop

-Centrepoint Shop C20 Sydney 2000

-Shop 2036C 600 The Kingsway Miranda 2228

they usually have a good selection, for a good price, and a good cause.

that done, seen any good bands around sydney recently? im temporarily living in newcastle.

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Posted:you're in sydney??! smile
g'day matey!
erm have ya tried glebe market? i heard they have black market organs too.
mmm ovaries.

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Posted:Yeah sarah.. Remember my drum they allways have heaps cheap (good quality ones ) at glebe

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