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Matthew_NeSILVER Member
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I have had my monkeyfists for over 6 months now, and I have taken very good care of them. However, one of them almost completely fell apart the other night, as I was burning it. I noticed after I had put them out.. the inner core of it was pulling out of the knot itself. What should I do? I don't know if they're still under warranty or not... or if there even WAS a warranty?! Meh..?

MikeIconGOLD Member
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Well, you could try to patch it up a bit with white school glue. If that isnt enough to keep them together, I think its just their time to go. If its just the knot coming apart, then you could try to tighten it with some needle nose pliers. I dont believe there is a warranty for such a situation. Just errors on their part. Your wicks are fairly old as you say.

If it isnt repairable, you could always just untie the wick and use the kevlar on something else.

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