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Posted:Has anybody here tried the ultimate performance poi from the online shop? I'm pretty sure those are the set I want, especially the pink and white ones- pretty:)
And I bet they would look nice under black light.

If anybody here's played with them, how did you like them?
Do the tails look cool when spun, or do they get in the way?

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Posted:I actually like the buzz poi right about the ultimate poi a little bit better. My reason is I like the bean bag weights inside them instead of the tennis balls.

That said, the tails do look very nice when spun. However, if you are a new person and just want to use them to practice with, the tails can be frustrating at times. I prefer to practice moves with the tails wrapped up. For actual playing with, they do flow very nicely. And yes, they both look loverly under blacklight. weavesmiley


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