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these look so freakin neat.

just have one question. how well do they spin? i know this is probably for the glowstick on shoelace crowd, but i like my poi to have a little weight to them (those things look light as a feather). y`know, i like enough weight so that you can actually use them. =]

anybody used these and could tell me how much they weigh?

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Says they weigh 128 grams if that helps ya any.

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128 grams seems like it wouldn't be too feathery on the ends of the cords. I believe my full fire rig with leather grips, #15 ball chain, and standard 2 inch cathedral wicks only weighs about 225 grams dry (more than that ready to spin of course).

Still far lighter than beamers or fire, but seems like it would have some weight to it, as you desire, thor. I just noticed they were available on the Blue Flame page of the shop myself, I might have to grab a pair of fluffy yellow poi, how plurry, lol.

But the most important question, "Are they UV reactive?" It doesn't look like they are, and it doesnt say they are, so I bet not. blue flame needs to make those UV reactive, if they don't already!
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Fluffy poi can seem heavier thanj their actual weight, more drag from wind resistance than other types, if that's any help. smile

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