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Posted:What d'ya think of pet rats?? i've got one and shes definitly the best pet ive ever had!! i let her run around my room - she chews things up a bit, but they're wicked pets!
showed her to one of my mates today and they went crazy - I know some people find them off-putting but why the phobia?? is it the tail????

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Posted:Most likely the tail. I mean, sure rats can be cute and all, but fur on the tail would make them much cuter. In my opinion that is.

I went to petsmart to grab some bedding for my overwieght lazy hamster and saw the cutest mice ever! I didn't know they were so cute, and they seemed larger than most mice I've seen. I wanted one, but than realized that I have a hamster already and that it's illegal for me to have anything in my dorms, so I shouldn't push my luck.

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Posted:I love rats! I've had seven total, the one that lived the longest lived for about 3.2 years, which is pretty weird for a rat. The last one that died died of a really bizarre cancer tho... some of my friends have rats, or did, but *shrugs* i haev no idea why some people don't liek them. I prolly wouldn't have them again as they are a lot of work and sort of smelly, but anyhow, they are fun!

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Posted:I'd love to get a pet rat. The problem is that I can't afford to move out of my parent's house yet and they won't let me
The most interesting pet I've been allowed was a tank full of seamonkeys, which all died after a couple of weeks, they were very, very cool in that couple of weeks though.

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Posted:i like rats, but as far as pets go I really prefer ferrets. they're like little furry slinkies, and hours of pointless entertainment

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Posted:forget them seamonkeys...I want a tank full of REAL monkeys! I'd give 'em scuba gear and teach them to refill their tanks in exchange for bananas. Then I'd set up a system of pipes for them to swim around the house in, like one of those modern hamster cages. And I'd choose one to get out of the aquarium whenever we have guests over...he'd wear a smoking jacket and bring them them cocktail wieners.

My housemates won't let me though. Bovril, I feel your pain.

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Posted:I've just got myself a set of three girly rats. I love them to death. This is the second batch I have had, and the only pet I would rather have is a ferret or three... but my girlfriend and her rabbit have something to say about that.

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Posted:well, Im one of THOSE people who dont like rats.
Its not a phobia, its just that they smell quite bad and also the feeling of them crawling all over your skin makes me shiver (although i think that is closely linked to my phobia for spiders). Rats are fine with me if theyr not on me and theyve just been cleaned!

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Posted:my housemate has a rat. Once it got stuck (hid!) behind the stove, so i had to sit there for 2 hours trying to lure him out with cheese.

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Posted:once when i was on the train there was a guy with a rat in his backpack. apparently he took it everywhere with him, except raves coz it didnt like coloured lights. it loved the pub though, and his friends used to give it little dishes of beer it was a groovy rat.

but if i was gonna get a pet, id get a parrot. and i'd call it quoth, as a pisstake on edgar allent poe. somehow Quoth the Parrot isnt as scary as 'quoth the raven, nevermore'.



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Posted:yeh, rats are the coolest pets! mine comes by name and sits in my jumper when i'm walking around the house! takin a rat to the pub - crazy! wonder what it'd b like pissed?!!
would b cool if u could teach rats to skin up for u - the ultimate rat!! maybe a pet monkey would do the job!! hehehe!