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Posted:I'm in Stage Tech, or basically, the building of sets for our school plays, as well as doing lighting and sound for them. Even though we're a highschool, we have the same production qualities that most colleges and even some professional theatre companies put forth. We're really proud of what we do, and it's a big honor to be able to do stuff like run the lighting and sound, or be the stage manager, or student technical director (STD, as we like to call it biggrin ) for a play.

My third year in here, I was finally able to be in charge, with 1 other person, of designing, creating, and running the lights. We did it all last semester for a play called Mrs. Mcthing, as well as many other smaller productions. It's a lot of fun and we all enjoy it lots.

Yesterday and today I went to this 4 hour workshop thing a friend and professional theatre worker put on for us for free. We learned everything from the basics to a lot of quite advanced stuff for sound systems, sound design, and running the audio for a show. We learned all the classroom stuff yesterday (How to set up a system, how to control your EQ, your compressor, mixer, kinds of cabling, kinds of speakers and input devices, all that fun stuff), today was setting it all up, and tomorrow we're finishing setting up, running sound checks and running a show!!! We get to run a really awesome show, it's about 15 drummers and 15 vocalists. They do African drums, I was having a lot of fun, and at the end they were drumming in the parking lot and I spun poi to it, quite fun biggrin

Sorry for the rambling, just had to let my excitement out to someone, and my friends are all too busy to listen to me ramble. I'm really excited because I always just kinda bumbled my way through doing sound work, I knew all the pieces but I couldn't really understand how everything went together, didn't know what a compressor was, or how to really effectively use a 30 band EQ, crazy techie stuff like that.

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Posted:Sounds cool Mill. Congrats!

hug hug wave wave

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