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Location: Birmingham, UK

My poi turned nasty last summer and as yet we haven't really made friends again frown

are there any recommendations for books/videos/meet up in the West Midlands area where I can finally make friends with the little buggers? redface

(I'm sorry if this is a repeat post too but I only joined yesterday and haven't had time to soft through everything)

many thanks you lot



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1. There's a button on the top of the screen you're looking at right now that says "Search". Use it and use it wisely! Make sure to change the date to "Any" instead of in the last 2 weeks.

2. Check out the "Free Lessons" on the top of this page as well. It has 30 or 40 easy to learn moves that'll get you started quite well.

3. The HOP Shop (Go Shopping button at the top of the page) has an online shop where you can buy videos or books. Support HOP, buy from the store biggrin Competetive prices and the best customer service you can get.

4. Check out the Videos forum. Download videos if you can, they'll give you tons of inspiration. There's a video hanging out somewhere called "How To" that really inspired my spinning quite a bit. It's PK and someone else in it. Quite yummy.

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Location: Birmingham, UK

cheers biggrin

since I posted I saw the videos and I can do most of that, up to the butterfly I think, which is where it all went so very very very wrong last summer

I'll carry on having a nosey biggrin




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when i started my butterfly's i didnt have the timing down so i would hit myself in the face if it was an outward butterfly or in the nuts if it was inward lol god that left some scars i ahve like 3 in my face and a few on my arms
but bad expericnece shouldnt discourage u, only incite u to get better so that next time u wont smack yourself in theface, getin hurt is a thuing that can happn eveyday while walking, might as well get hurt and learn something cool while doing it peace

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maybe i wasn't holding my tongue right but...

i couldn't find this "how to" video with the search button?

the best i could find was a link that was no longer working..

anyone know where i could watch it? confused

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be nice, make a donation.

t wave

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