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gave myself my fist proper injury the other day, split my forehead open with a short ally pole trying to show some kid the scoop and going to fast... humm.

The point of this post is I spent a while afterwards wondering why I managed to hurt myself so badly with a trick Ive had nailed for months.

I came to the conclusion that I was performing, when I first started doing staff I would treat it like meditation, just let the body get into the movement and the brain float away, through this I got a solid grounding in the basics and could move onto harder things. The point is as Ive become better at staff the 'spiritual' dimension of playing has become backgrounded to performing, but as my friend points out, I always play best after about half an hour when I forget about performing and just play stick. Hence, trying to show off too fast and be got glue on me head.

Anyone else concur/disagree?



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Posted:my brain gets in the way too.

When this kinda thing happens to me, i think is the gods helping to remind me not to try to show off.

I'm big on the meditation/spiritual side at the moment too.

yo nix? you take care of yourself, eh. dont go beating yourself up.

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Posted:After 1 year of spinning, i singed my hair for the first time yesterday...

The unusual thing about this was that i had a hat on...


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Posted:I don't know about meditation, but a bit of a warm up always gets the joints rolling a bit smoother and the muscles warm. I'll nail myself once or twice in the beginning if i'm not careful, but after that i can really hit the accelerator.

This could provide to be an interesting thread if we add another element.....worst injury

So far all i've done is singe arm hair, get a few minor burns on the arms, and once i even hit myself in the face with my poi lit....luckily all i got was a dirty big soot-mark
And for the first time last night, my pants actually caught fire, if only for a second or two...


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