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Kapura Mataaro

Kapura Mataaro

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Posted:this is a MASSIVE stab in the dark (yeah, i know....) but i would like to hear from all tasmanian fire twirlers, from the north or the salamanca locals- anyone, i have got to the point where i know some locals and cant contact them and i thought with this type of shout-out on the BEST known fire site that i might get one reply!
If your out there, reply if your interested in getting to know and meet more locals...

Kapura Mataaro ubbloco umm

"surely a longboarding fire spinner should have no trouble getting some action!"- NYC....

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Posted:theres a few... however i cant remember who....

wait... try PM-ing (andrew) - he's in hobart - although last i heard salamanca had a few probs.

Flynt, although not living in tassie at the moment, could probably give you more names that i can.


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Posted:Try doing a search in the Events forum, You'll find a thread on Tasmanian spinners there, alternatively pm (andrew) for more information.

Good Luck!

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