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dR pSYcHo
dR pSYcHo

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Posted:Has anyone tried this? I'm talking up where the air gets thin and you have to acclimatise... Any diffferent fuels/properties? I assume it's much more tiring but what about burning where <O2?

Attempting to get research project taking me to very high ( peace) places so curious.... ubbidea

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Posted:I haven't spun at much higher altitudes, but in my experience, unless you're doing something extremely demanding, the acclimitasation difference is minimal. Not to say that spinning is the easiest, but you get the idea beerchug

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Posted:I have personaly spun at about 6000' above sea levil at lake tahoe and I have frends that have spun at about 10000' at a ski resort and the only diference is in the spinne"r". If you come up from sea levle you could have a hard time exerting your self.


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Posted:ive tried to spin whilst bouncing on a trampoline... does that count as altitude,

and i must say that was a hard thing to do, just could stand up!! smile

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Posted:I've spun a lot at about 6000 feet and the biggest difference is that you get a longer burn time.

I spun once at about 11,000 feet and ran out of breath long before I ran out of fuel.


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Posted:I thought it was a bad idea to spin while "high" tongue

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Posted:Oh no....

it opens up a whole differnet world of ideas...



Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:and give a whole new meaning to 'mile high club!'

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and give a whole new meaning to 'mile high club!'

only for very, very sad people.

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