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Posted:does anybody have a clearer animation of the 5bt weave than is on the HOP site?

i'm having trouble figuring out exactly when i stop wrapping and start crossing, and then how to unwrap.

when i /DO/ get it to clear my body from the right side to the left side,i end up coming out of it very ungracefuly, the poi are right behind eachother, i can't seem to keep them in split time. anybody else have this problem, or am i just trying too hard?

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Posted:for clearer animations try smile tis cool there

or maybe will have something ?

but it sounds like you nearly got it, just relax, and spin it nice and slow, and frequently and soon itll be looooooveeelly smile

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Posted:U shouldn't really have to do the wrap part unless your trying to. Technically, its your hand that seems to wrap your other hand but if u wanna do it with the string thats fine, though some people would only class that as a 4 bt weave with a wrap, or aka (5bt wrap weave).

Cant think of any good clean fottage of 5bt weaves but Jedi whites video is pretty sick anyway, and he does his btb, but u can make it out real easy cause its mostly in slow mo.

U want the Transmission video, wmp is decent quality.


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Posted:the best site for tutorials i know is Spherculism i figured out isolations 5 beat reverse and forwards weave, and the btb weave all from that site.

Yet HoP is still my fav wink biggrin

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Posted:Yeah, you dont need to wrap at all. You simply lead with the hand on the side youre crossing to. Example: With a 3 beat weave you cross to the left side with your right hand. For the five beat, you lead to the left side with the left hand. All youre doing is adding 1 beat to the 3 beat making 4 beats. The 5th beat comes when you cross a 4 beat to the opposite side and you need to unrap for 1 beat.

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