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Posted:I have read a couple books about dreaming and in both of them they said people who are more creative, are musicians, like fantsy and science fiction, and other creative imaginative things are more prone to have lucid dreams. Lucid dreaming is when you know you are dreaming. This isn't controlling your dreams just knowing you are. I always have lucid dreams and i love the fact that i do. I pretty much just about every night get to watch a extremely interesting and bizzare movie in nmy head. I even keep falling back to sleep if i wake up in the morning and still wanna have the dream i as having. Lucid dreaming pretty much kicks ass.

So i was wondering since almost everyone here is at least semi creative and most are VERY imaginative how many poeple here have lucid dreams occur almost every night. Cause even if you don't think your creative i feel there must be some creativity in you if you want to pursue poi staff and other forms of art that are celebrated on this site.

Oh besides saying whether you lucid dream alot if you have a favorite dream post it if you like Thanks smile

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. A few days ago I drempt i was back at boarding school again. 'F* why am I back here again? I don't want to be a school kid again!!!'.

Man, I have so many dreams based around the same thing.

Always back in bording school in South Africa, doing something bizarre. The people from there with me in other places (only last night in fact)...

What's that all about anywho?

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Posted:Lucid dreaming? have i missed something? Why would you want to dream about doing Poi?

i can think of much better things to dream about wink


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