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Posted:now begin in korea things are a little different than i'm used to. part of there culture is that they see lighter skin coloured people as more attractive and so benifit from that. many dark skinned nations have this as part of there culture, its got nothing to do with begin like us good clean white folk, but more seperates those who work/worked in the fields and those who had the luxary of working in doors(so begin educated and wealthy).

so if you come here and are dark many people will treat you like an ugly man in a western country.

like the pretty people get better service in the hospital when they're about to die (for the educated types doing psyc101)

the question being is this racism?

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Posted:It's discrimination, not racism. Race is different from skin colour.

It happens in many countries, African countries and India being ones that spring to mind, and Michael Jackson. Lighter skin is seen as a sign you're better bred. Skin lightening products are very popular, even though they're dangerous and very bad for your skin.

Meanwhile, us white skinned folk in the west are all trying to get tans


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Posted:I think the idea of not being racist or discriminating is a fairly new idea, and has only become an issue as minorities become a major part of the workforce and once they won the right to vote.

As we talk about how a black person might get turned down by a prospective employer in england as rascism, white people are being mistreated and abused by police in zimbabwae because they're white.

White people automatically get charged more for everything in most african and middle eastern countries because white=money.. This isn't even an issue there, its just a way of life.


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Posted:I just looked up skin bleaching on the net what a horrible farked up waste of lives. Aside from the obvious toxic reactions, the glitzy publicity light=better lowers the old 'beauty mags make me look&feel worthless' mindset to a new low. Female friends are react with surprise when I say that i don't like makeup.
Nasty sheiss like this can only be abolished only when our attitudes of beauty change.
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Posted:im so pale naturally i get paid out by my friends. i dont even bother trying to tan anymore.
when i was 12 my aunt in indonesia sent me a tiny tube of whitening cream.
although i didnt use it, it was actually a great ego-boost.

there you go. cross cultural tales of enlightenment.


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Posted:One of my very dear friends is from Martinique. Her mother is pretty light coloured but she has this gorgeous Cafe OLe coloured skin. However it was the bane of her exsistence when she was a teen because in her all-white rural school she was concidered too black to be white. But when in Martinique or when with the black community, she was too white to be black. She still carries the hurt from that around to this day, many, many years later. Her first husband was from Trinidad and his family was at first disgraced because she was so light, being taboo for the two to mix. She is thankful her very lovely daughter is darker than she is, so there will be no confusion.

What she feels is racism and is **VERY** offended by is the phrase "African American", especially when a black person uses it as a blanket statement. I have seen her verbally lay a few people out for that!

It all still amazes me that even in this day and age people can be so narrow/closed minded as to not be able to see past skin tone to base their emotions on.

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