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MARCH 10-12th eh? ubbrollsmile

As soon as the Doctor hears anything it'll be on the website here.....

Goes back to hiding in the real world! ubbloco

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Posted:Nice pictures Gerire clap

Thanks to everyone who took part in the convention - too many people to mention, but I love you all!

Please don't forget to pre-register for the EJC - preferably through Deirdre Toher, the Irish EJA rep. That way we have access to the money immediately, and can use it to make a better convention for you. (If you register online, we don't get the money til June). Download the Irish pre-reg form here .

hug s to everyone, new faces and old friends who made the Dublin Convention so much fun biggrin


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Posted:what a great convention i had such a great time........cant wait till cork now smile congrats to the organisers and everyone who made the convention sooooooo great....although i have to give my poor liver a wee break for a while

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