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Posted:So, I have made herbal things for some time now, massage oils, soaps, candles, shampoos, hair dyes, make-ups, sleep pillows, heating pads, etc. I would make them for my friends and family as gifts because it is something I enjoyed doing.
I have been asked to possibly sell this stuff now, and am even going to be demonstrating my pulse point massages and customized oils for an event, and being paid a simply ludicrous amount to do it.
I am still not back in my home and things are really fighting to straighten out so I am tentative.
Between performing, writing and such I am worried that I will comprimise the quality of what I do, but I ***really*** love doing all these things, and if it will bring in some extra money....

I have asked my friends and was wondering what you all think. Is working to open another faction of business taking on too much?

(Right now I do event planning and artistic direction, performing, teaching, and writing)

Thanks for the opinions!

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Posted:pele, i do alot of things as well, do whatever you feel comfortable doing, if you start to feel like you are pusing yourself too much take a 5 or 10 min break from doing stuff and do something else, its all a matter of how much you want to take on, i love doing stuff ALL of the time, so i try to keep myself busy 24/7, i guess partly bc i getinto trouble when im not doing my best advice is if you feel like you can takeon the responsibility to dothis then go for it!! and most of all, life is too short to be overwhelmed or frustrated, stay calm and if it doesn't work out then it wasnt ment to be yet, on the other handit could prove to be one of the best things that you could ever do!! seeing how theyt are goingto pay you a "ludicrous" amount for your time!!

i love these smile thgs there just great!!

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None of us can tell you whether you're biting off more than you can chew--it's to your credit that you worry about that. But from what I can tell about you, you thrive in that environment of near-overload.
Take care,

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Posted:What they said!
If it's something you enjoying doing then it's not going to be a huge energy and motivation drain. Go for it.




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Posted:Yeah, I do alot of heral talismans, and stuff like that, I also carve and make jewellerey, out of wood and shells and things - been meaning to do something like that for a long time


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Posted:Yer! and eat ya weetbix! it really helps.

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Posted:I know where you're coming from Pele, i have SOOOOO much on my plate at the moment, and always want more! I think if you can comfortably find the time to sell these things on the side then why not!

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Posted:As long as you do enjoy doing it, I'd give everything a go, especially if there is a financial reason too.

I may make a historical remark about certain "hobbies" that may turn into a self-supporting business.

Don't knock the fact that what you are doing right now may not be right for you in the future.

Myself, I've been a successful poet in the past, doing readings and MC'ing. That part of my life is now second fiddle to my performing, though at the time I thought it would be great to do it forever.

Keep your mind open and don't be afraid of change. Having many different enjoyable jobs is the envy of most western cultures, so enjoy as long as possible...

(IMHO of course)

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