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Next moonfest on the 7th March is the MOTHER EARTH MOON FEST. With the moon in Virgo (and earth sign) and being the day before international women's day.. I thought this would be a lovely theme for the next moonfest And just so you know, just because we are celebrating international women's day as part of this moonfest theming, it is definately NOT gender exclusive... All genders, all ages, all people welcome

And so... going with that theme... of earthy, feminine goodness... I'd love to have a space for henna art. As many of you have been discussing this on the moonfest msn groups message board, I've noticed how many people are into doing it or at least interested in it... so if you are a henna artist and would like to contribute a little something special to the next moonfest I'd LOVE to hear from you... the more the merrier... I would be more than happy to pay for henna and any other requirements... and perhaps people could give a donation for labour as they recieve the henna treatment...

There are many people interested in learning how to use and aply henna aswell... so if anyone is interested in running a casual workshop in the afternoon as part of a SUNfest activity.. that too would be beautiful

Another idea was to have mud masks and foot baths/massage... What better way to soften the feet so that we may walk gently on our earth

So anyone interested in contributing it that way (or anyother way you feel would be appropriate) I'd love to hear from you as well as any other ideas YOU might have

It's a festival....festive-all.....ALL FESTIVE


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It's a festival....festive-all.....ALL FESTIVE


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