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Posted:Anyone know if this is still going ahead?

Edit: It is - and here's the blurb!

Synergy - once again - 28.2.2004 - SeOne - London Bridge

the main dance spirit room

curated by IDSpiral and Liquid Connective

Buddha Fingaz (Baraka)

Liquid Elf (

MaFaiza (

Liquid Ross (

Chameleon (

The tone for the night is set to be distinctively positive, uplifting and light in tune with Synergys overall message and intent. Major improvements have been made on the Sound System which should now sound fuller than ever.

Extra performances will be brought to you by Billy Thompson ( the incredible violinist, John Crow on shamanic rap and mick from the land of poi (

Visually the room will be a meltdown of psychedelic colours and swirls, a combination of the ingenious Lightmotiv from Germany ( - really worth checking out) as well as our friends from inside us all ( Expect something different.

All this is framed by deco art from Liquid Drops, IDSpiral, Mr Rossi and Skymermaid - to create a truly magical and connecting experience.

The Healing Chill this time will be brought to you by the Small World Stage who will be weaving their magic with a truly diverse healing space: Divine Order

In full acoustic flavour we will indulge in:

Pinknruby Enchanting and truly beautiful duet

Carrie Tree Soft innocence and beauty all in a voice

Martha Tilston Mesmerising songstress of Mouse fame

Fantazmagoria Gypsy waltz ska cabaret

DJ's spinning their tunes will be

Tehomas playing Arabic and global soundscapes

Greg Playing Ambient to classical

Pony playing dub world and nu-folk

The Healing Space has the following treatments to offer:

Ayurvedic massage

Aromatherapie Massage

Thai yoga massage

Chair Massage (Backwork)

Reiki Healing

Medical Qigong

Deep Tissue & Sports Massage

This time round we are also launching the Eclectic Dance Floor breaking down the mono-culture with a refreshingly cross-cultural, cross-factional mix of global breaks, Old-Skool tunes, psy-funk-latin grooves and roots& reggae from :

Greg Hunter (Alien Soap Opera) (tbc) The return of the master world-dance fusion producer.

Carlo (Sixth Sense)

Steve Indigenous (Indigenous People)

Precious - much anticipated audio-visual set from the RGB Maestro.

Surround screen conscious projections from Revelation GoGo Broadcasting, Oxfam Dan & Mr Magoo.

Organic and whole-food sumptuousness from the New Worlds Caf.

The 491 gallery space

is presenting a welcoming space expanding the horizons of traditional exhibition arenas. This time they will feature the Vertigo Film Club intermingled with chilled DJ vibes courtesy of Stefan, Sy and the 491 Gallery.

Interaction is the theme this time and as well as performers mingling with the crowd, you will be encouraging to get involved on all levels chalk drawing, painting, playing games, making wishes for the wishing tree and most of all, having fun!

The art comes from a variety of sources and styles, but rest assured you wont have seen any in this space before.

Come and sit in the art installation (on censorship) and enjoy herbal and vegan refreshment from the magical ID Spiral caf.

The entrance area will once again be transformed into a friendly and all embracing welcoming zone with our unique chacra altar installation.

Rhythms of Resistance will be leading a number of processions throughout the venue come early to catch it all - you never know what else will happen in the magic of the moment.

Stalls and Info- Displays

Oxfam, Survival, Tourism Concern, Actionaid, Rising Tide, Speak Network, The Institute for Science and Society, War on Want, Campaign Against The Arms Trade, Rubba Luvva

Synergy is a participatory community of artists, technicians, healers, promoters, cooks, activists and more. As ever, we are keen to welcome new people, sharing the sense of empowerment and purpose of doing something, however, small and occasional, to make a difference.

Come faeries, take me out of this dull world, for I would ride with you upon the wind and dance upon the mountains like a flame.

- W B Yeats

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