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Posted:What happens when you dont do any poi for one week and when you finally do you end up in pain the next day - especially if you did some intense poi.Well that is what happened to me - it hurts to laugh right now too
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Posted:You do it again the next day not so hard, and then the next day and then the next etc...then you go harder and harder and eventually your arms don't hurt _so_ much
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Posted:You probobly just over did it. Like when you work out and your muscles get sore. That is how your body actually builds muscle. When you move lactic acid is pumped into your muscles (that's why you get a kind of burning feeling when you do heavy work outs). It breaks down the exisiting tissue and your body rebuilds more and stronger tissue to compensate for the extra use. Drink lots of water, that helps to flush out excess lactic acid. Ibuprophen will help some too. Rest for a day or two and then start your poi again, it will help the soreness go away faster.Of course, if you really over did it, and you actually pulled muscles (more accuratly they are muscle tears) then ice it for the first 24 hours, 15 minutes on 45 minutes off. Then heat untill it feels better again. And take it easy.------------------If you love something, set it on fire.[This message has been edited by SickpuPpy (edited 02 April 2002).]

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Posted:Look it. Puppy knows stuff....

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Posted:wooooh,sounds like rest really should be the right choice but can someone who has got the poi bug spend a whole day without picking up one of their toys for a 'little' spin? (I know I struggle :-P)------------------Mark P (the mad chemist)


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Posted:it sounds like you just had a good workout, usually when i work out in a strenuous poi session my muscles tend to hurt as well, thats just normal. your muscles are being worked like sickpuppy said. it'll pass, the best thing to do is relax your muscles for a day and then go back at it, youll be spinning without pain in no time...have fun!!!p.l.u.r.r.Xtrem

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Posted:Like any exercise you should really stretch to warm up, start slow, then afterwards warm down and stretch. Taking breaks and stretching every now and then helps too.Doing gentler movements when warming down or with sore muscles helps them to relax, and causes increased blood flow to help flush out the crap.


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