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Posted:We usually have our poi gatherings on the beach at night. My glowstick poi slipped out of my hand and landed in the ocean
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I hesitated to recover it cause I thought the jellyfish would be attracted to it. Is there any truth to this or is it just me cause I know fishermen use glowsticks at sea.------------------It's a burning FaYa

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Posted:ROFLMAO...what an incredibly funny image. Twirling, Twirling, Twirling, off flies a glowstick, run into the shallows to recover it and get stung by jellyfish. ROFL. Seriously, though, I have no idea. I can't say I've given the situation a lot of thought
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My best advice is to tie sturdier knots, you don't want that kind of thing happening in a crowd anyway
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Posted:jellyfish are cool manI have one that spends most of its time face down in my tankyou can touch em but dont touch em underneith cos thats where your hand will get stung.Light doesnt attract them either!PK


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Posted:I was tripping face 2 summers ago at the beach, and came upon a dead jellyfish that had washed up on shore. There was this weird looking crab with really long legs that had halfway buried itself in the jellyfish. He was cutting chunks out of the thing and eating it. That particular find did *NOT* go in the reality basket that night.Oh, yeah! Stay on topic!!! Maybe they use the glowsticks so they can see the reflections off the jellyfish if there happens to be a group of them swimming beside the boat so they don't reel in the nets and get all messed up trying to separate them from the fish. Seems logical. I don't think they have phot-receptors, so you probably shouldn't worry too much.------------------I feel more like I do now than I did when I got here.~~~Dance as if noone is watching!~~~PLUR(RE) ---J---

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Posted:heh, and also, jellyfish arent the speediest things in the world, so i doubt that if you just dropped your glowstick in the water, that there would immediately be a cloud of em around it...[This message has been edited by Whiffle Squeek (edited 01 April 2002).]

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Posted:A lot of jellyfish have absolutely no propulsion system, just go where they're taken by the current. So the answer is most probably no. Don't know why fishermen might use glowsticks, probably more as a source of light than an attractor.



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Posted:I may be wrong on this but I was talking about it with my Dad who does a bit of fishing. Im fairly sure that they are attached to the bouys that float on the surface of the water during the day so you can easily see where you line enters the water. The glowstick just is attached to it at night for the same purpose.

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Posted:I may also be wrong on this topic but I am fairly sure there are certain jellyfish which are attracted to light especially bright lights. However I think these are jellyfish which live in the deep dark bed of the ocean and are attracted to fish which make their own light.I'm sure I saw a documentary on jellyfish a while back.I'll see if I could find it.However I really doubt you would have any trouble retrieving glow sticks from the shallows.

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