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Posted:Hey, can NE1 offer NE help on the butterfly? I've been able to keep it going for 15-20 seconds, and i feel like i've got it, but for some unexplained reason, they always seem to collide. I've now got like *several* dents in my forehead as well as my shins. Correct me if i'm wrong but aren't left and right poi that make the butterfly supposed to cross at somewhat of an X? Not to drastic, but so they don't collide? Also, i figured out another reason not to practice with glowsticks. After quite some abuse [3 days worth], and practicing the afore mentioned butterfly, the sticks collided with each other, and exploded... [well cracked at least]. That "glowjuice" got all over me... and it *SmElLs* too. ------------------"Happiness is not a destination, but a method for life"- Burton Hills

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Posted:hey TaiGuy, if you look at your poi from the side while doing the butterfly you'll understand why they don't collide
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- an advise i can give you is to make sure you have your hands as shown in the poi lessons animation - note that one hand is lower and slightly in front of the other...the other thing i can think of is that you can't maintain the same swinging speed for both poi...oh and good point about not practising with glowsticks - get something nice and soft like tennis balls etcwell i hope this helps a bit,Simos


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Posted:TaiGuy, i learned the butterfly with really heavy battery-powered glowtsicks, and it wasn't fun, so i know your dilemma. start with something lightweight (if you ARE using sticks, use only 4 inchers instead of 6") and go slow. there is not an overwhelming need for speed in this move. follow the instructions on this site exactly- keep one hand slightly further out than the other, etc. i find that the hardest moves get a LOT easier when i just read the instructions and try to understand them first. perhaps try alternating the poi until you get them close enough so that you won't whack yourself (or "build more character" as i like to put it)

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