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Posted:Anyone else been out spinning in the snow?

It's great, you can do bounces and get huge hissing noises. The flame goes mad too when you've got it a bit damped with snow.

Get out there and try it if not!


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Posted:we were all spining aerotechs as we ran out of parafin a few nights ago...

was very very fun though, even if it was cold.


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Posted:Curse you and your having of equipment that allows you to be able to spin in the snow!

We have so much of it right now, and I've been wanting to spin for half a year, but haven't had the chains or handles to. It wouldn't be safe to spin fire with the ones I currently have.

I was wondering though... in the hypothetical situation that one were to ignite themselves on fire in a serious way, how would the drop and roll technique work in the snow? It seems like if the fire actually got through any clothing (provided the spinner was wearing) and burnt skin, then the snow would be such a rapid temperature change that it would cause more tissue damage than the fire alone.

Not that I've ever set myself on fire, or intend to accidentally.. heheh.

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Posted:Did a burn the other night while it was snowing with about a foot of snow on the ground. It was really fun because the light from the fire would reflect up off the snow on the ground and sparkle off the flakes in the air. My fun ended prematurely, though, when one poi went into a pile of snow. ubbcrying I highly recommend snow spinning!

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Linked a video of the snow spinningness in my video thread biggrin

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Posted:biggrin i love spinning in the snow.

and here is a video of snowy spinning: i know theres a few there but rubbish is the one in question... from almost exactly a year ago in the snow in edinburgh biggrin


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Posted:I did my first spin ever yesterday in the snow. It was amazing. biggrin

Poi... it's an obsession.


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