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thats sooooo not where i parked my car...................
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Posted:hey all
long time no talk
well your probably wondering what ive got you guessing about

IVE MOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!

i moved away from cairns out into the middle of the ocean on south molle island in the witsundays! its so beautiful here the island is so picturesque for those wondering were the witsundays are the witsundays are a group of islands off the coast near airlie beach. so if anyone is traveling the qld coast and you know you will be passing through airlie beach give me a buzz and we can catch up for a social twirl my boyfriend and i would love to hear from you well

ciao for now!


we cant stop here its bat country!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fire Bunny
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Fire Bunny

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Posted:wow that sound wicked!! send a pic of it if you can biggrin when did you move? where were you befor you moved?

we should have a house warming party for you!!! beerchug weavesmiley beerchug biggrin

What if we think the jokes on them,
But really - the jokes on us....

and also... i wuv Rougie *snuz*


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Posted:Cool, can I come visit....pitch a tent in your garden cool

I live in a world of infinite possibilities.


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