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Posted:I tried doing poi and failed so I want to do something else... firey. If I learned baton twirling would that be like a pixie fire stick or what? Can someone help me please!?
If so, thank you!


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Posted:The staves on the shop, and in general, tend to be longer, heavier, have much more resistance to change in direction, and look much more badass. ubblol Moves will transfer over quite easily I'd think, you'll feel right at home spinning staff. There's a nice board on this forum about staff, they can help you with any questions you have if you do decide on buying one.

I highly suggest the Concentrate 3 section staff... it's a nice weight, comes in many lengths, looks BEAUTIFUL, and comes apart for travel to be less than half it's full length! A bit pricey, but worth every penny, I'm very happy with mine.


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Posted:Yeah, if youre ok with batons, Id think staff is the way to go. Double staves looks so awesome on top of it (even cooler than poi if ya know what youre doing IMO). Not a huge fan of single staff but to each his own...

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