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Posted:When I started poi I didn't really have a clue, and would have probably hurt myself as I was going to just jump into firebreathing as well. Then I found this site, and it has been full of the most friendly and helpful people I could ever hope to meet. I would just like to say a big THANK YOU to malcom and all the moderators, and all of the other twirlers who make this site what it is.(PS: Thanks orange for the advice I think I've managed a hectic, and messy version of the move I was after, practice shall prevail!)

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Posted:As another person new to the forum I'd like to second the appreciation. I've been going to this site and reading the discussions for's the only place I learned from, as I don't know anyone who does poi. I've only jumped in on the discussion in the last week or so, and before I did, I never took the time to properly thank everyone for the help they lent me even when they didn't realize they were doing so.So thank you, everyone, and thank you Rainbow for starting the thread. These folks definitely deserve it!
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