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hey guys
i've been trying to find some information or people to talk to about fire hula hoops. i really want to learn how to use them and also how to make them. i know you can buy them online but it's more fun to make them yourself.

smile lix

it's cold out.. that means it's time to play with some fire!

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Hey missy,

long time no see in these parts!!!


Unfortunately no knowledge on the subject, but I am sure someone around here may be able to help. Also there is a handy "other toys" section that can be searched for more info...

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hey liz!!!
try pm'ing moon pixie, I have seen her shake her groove thang with her fire hoola and she is great... both her and bec do it, so I know either of them will be able to help you out. I also hear that noona has one... but that is only a vague recollection so I may be wrong, or was that a fire tu-tu??? confused

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they make an awsome fire hula hoop last time i looked.

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