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Posted:Do the 3 beat backwards weave. Bring your right hand behind your back, then your left hand, so now you are doing a behing the back weave.
got this??
Ok. Now bring your left hand to the front, like you are going to do the backwards weave in front of you again, but instead when your left hand comes to the front, lift your right leg and do a slip with the poi under it, then bring it behind your back again.
hope it doesn't sound too complicated!!
please post replies on how you find it.


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Posted:you know what......I need to go sit on a rock and head hurts

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Posted:I do similar stuff with BTB weave in wall plane... I bring my right hand in front, and instead of doing a regular beat in front and going behind again, I do an under the leg through wrap (The chain hits your leg, you move your leg back and it unwinds without wrapping) and keep spinning.



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Posted:well since the only btb move i can do is btb butterfly, i'm fairly positive this is beyond me

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