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shadow steppin
shadow steppin

official hop irken
Location: Tucson USA
Member Since: 12th Aug 2003
Total posts: 401
Posted:click me click me click me..... oh ya, just like that


In my hands I hold your smile and in my heart it runs so wild You are the one you are unique I'm so in love you make me weak And the reason that I feel is like a shadow from a light so if you have the chance to be with me be my shadow in the night

holy man
Location: Upstate, NY
Member Since: 17th Sep 2003
Total posts: 110
Posted:I DON"T READ JAPANESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The music was very, very biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrincool though. biggrin

Gather your harps from the willow trees, dust off the ancient strings. Call the bards and prophets, let them sing healing and freedom. Let light and love flow from the strings, colors of revelation.


Location: Philadelphia, PA - USA
Member Since: 27th Mar 2003
Total posts: 2109
Posted:Ok, what the HELL was that?

Let's turn those old bridges we crossed into ashes.
We'll blaze a new trail,
and torch the rough patches.



Location: Stevenage
Member Since: 21st Sep 2003
Total posts: 883
Posted:Hehe, I just opened my pres from a mate (sneaky) got three techno Cd's hehe
now I'm busy writing to my neighbours about a party we plan to have saturday you're all invited COME ON DOWN!!!!

Monkeys monkeys and bananas


Location: Guelph, ON, Canada
Member Since: 21st Nov 2003
Total posts: 1389
Posted:Um... what?

~ Bobo

wie weit, wie weit noch?
fragst mich, wo wir gewesen sind...
du fehlst hier

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