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Posted:heh,just found out that "tampa" is a native american word for "burning sticks", and another name for the tampa bay area is "the bay of pohoy" hehe, coincidence? i think not...an ancient twirling society existed once perhaps?im just kidding, but does anyone really know why it was called "tampa", anyhting to do at all with twirling? or was there just a massive fire? im just interested thats all...

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Posted:It is in my programming that I need to make a semi-unrelated post once in a while to maintain the image of the slightly zany, off-the-wall character that many of you know as Bendy. So keeping with native languages, did you know that the word for dog in the Australian aboriginal language "Mbabaran" happens to be "dog."woof.

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Posted:mm..on a semi-related note, i just moved from tampa about a month ago.commin back to texas =][dallas, in particular...]::likwid