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Posted:first, i know there is a mission thread already, but this relates to something else.
basically for those who dont know, my plane back home left on sunday, and i was so smart to decide to go to synergy the night before.
Synergy was really amazing. I went to Bams and Hells Bells place afterwards. I was slipping in and out of consciousness for a while there till John and Adam kicked me out of the house to go to the airport. I got there ok in about 1 hour 40. No problems. The airport went over fine as well.
BUT Then....
the plane was f****d up so it had to be fixed, while all the people were inside. I was passing out for what seemed seconds but it was actually hours. I passed out first when the plane was criusing around the airport to get fixed. I didnt know that and thought that it was getting ready to fly off. whe i woke up later the plane was standing and i thought it had landed but it hasnt even started yet. then it started moving and i nearly had a fit, thinking its flying off again. I think my brain was still having a party,if u know what i mean. The people next to me thought i was a lunatic. I was passing out for 15 min at a time during the flight. Towards the end of the flight, i started to feel claustrophobic and nearly started screaming. The plane landed and my parents pickd me up. I just told them that i had a really long journey, some bs about tubes messing up. it went fine in the end.

thanks to everybody at synergy, it was a great night.
Eva: happy birthday, again
John: u are a spacemonkey, ready to be shot into space
DSADS: thanks for kicking me out of the appartment
bambam and hells bells: Thanks for the haircut
ill be back in england sometime in january
Konsti beerchug hug kiss

"is optimism in austria just a lack of information?"
-Alfred Dorfer

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Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:dude, that was a hilarious story! ubblol

but I would have had to kick your ass if had been sitting next to me.

actually, I probably would have just recognized the symptoms and smoothed things out for you, but a less caring version of me would have kicked you ass! tongue


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Posted:cheers konsti

it was a great night, I had been wondering how your journey back went; well i guess now I know - sorry it was a nightmare but it was definitely worth it, eh?

Have a great xmas and new year mate, try not to miss me too much and I'll see you soon in 2004 beerchug

"I don't take drugs. I am drugs" - Salvador Dali



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Posted:me and Eva had reached the descision that you had fallen asleep on the train. Got off at heathrow. Missed your plane, and was stranded there as you didnt have money to make a phone call, and had no idea where to go.

Glad you got off ok dude,

see you on the 4th and make sure you show autria what you have learnt.

When you come back i want to see you doing a behind the back 43 beat weave in mills mess.


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