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Posted:Congratulations Dio for completing your college years at Oklahoma State University! Hope your future is well in the years to come. smile

Love you hon and I am so proud of you and what you have accomplished biggrin

Love you very very much hon hug kiss

Congrats again hon you earned it beerchug wink

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Posted:Well done Dio....champion. beerchug

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Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?

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hug hug hug hug

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Posted:::cheers for Dio::

So, what's next, hm?

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Posted:YAY GOOOOOOOOOO DIO!!! beerchug

she who sees from up high smiles

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Posted:Thanks everyone!

To add a bit of detail for you all, I'm now officially a graduate in Mechanical Engineering, and plan to attend graduate school starting next semester to continue my engineering experience and open up more doors in my future. I'm really happy to have made it this far, and a lot of my problem-solving skills come from the work I've done here at this wonderful school. Also where I learned to spin fire, coincidentally smile

But yeah, you guys have always been supportive and entertaining for me whenever I needed that extra boost to push on through the stressful times, and for that I think I owe everyone a great THANK YOU! I wouldn't be here without that, rest assured smile

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Posted:graduate school?!?!? eek

don't do it! for your own good man, don't do it!

There isn't anything in this world that could compel me to go be a graduate student again.

ah well, I guess you are going to have to learn for yourself.

congrats on the mech E degree. beerchug


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