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MillenniuMPLATINUM Member
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Kinda sloppy, poor filming... quite an endorsement, eh? Just something I thought of earlier today and wanted to film so people can give me some ideas on how to make it better.

ben-ja-menGOLD Member
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well do make it better u could do it with staff :P um it looked nice as it was, you could try throwing it higher and spinning ur body round 360 or 180 catching and continuing

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MillenniuMPLATINUM Member
Hyperloops suck
595 posts
Location: USA

Yeah, I tried spins, VERY hard but I'll definitely work on 'em smile

Here's a new link with some slow motion goodness:

musashiistarring Skippy the green llama
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hmm, you could play w throwing your other poi as soon as you ahve your catch spotted for your first poi..with the throws from rev weave under the arm, once you have committed(say throwing from right hand under left) right hand to the catch, straighten out your left arm on the downswing, and release the poi at 90 degrees. Right hand catches, then left..Left hand throw could even be an isolated thro wink

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GnorBRONZE Member
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You could aim the camera lower so I can see better.....
....Nice stuff....want to come teach me tongue

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StoutBRONZE Member
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Video looks the slow motion feature, eagerly awaiting more beerchug

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