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Posted:when i first started doing fire spinning a few months ago i did some research and decided on using kerosene for my fuel. Now that i have been spinning for a bit and looked over some more posts about fuels i have been intrested in trying to switch to lamp oil. mostly because i have heard it doesn't produce as much smoke during the burn. my question is if i want to swith to lamp oil do i need to get a whole new set of heads or can i just start soaking my current heads in lamp oil instead of kerosene? i wasn't really sure if mixing the lamp oil and kerosene would mess anything up. just thought i would ask.

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Posted:shouldn't be a problem - I do it all the time - lamp oil one burn, kero the next, shell sol most of the time....



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Posted:or try playing with your ratio of kero to lamp oil....
I use a 50/50 mix, or well it's more like a set of guide lines, esp. when it's dark!

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Posted:I mix, too. About 70% kero, 20% lamp oil and the last 10% coleman (White gas) for a nice easy ignition at the start. Burns nice, smells great!

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Posted:I dont really see the point in mixing kero and lamp oil cuz they're both basically the same except kero is dirtier. I use Lamp Oil all the way and occasionally just pour a small amount of Coleman on after a dunk for the quick light... Though, even that isnt really necessary unless its really windy out or something.

But to answer the initial question, yes, its ok to use different fuels on the same wicks. Just try not to switch up too often.

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Posted:Either way's good, if you use lamp oil try Ultra Pure, it's virtually smokeless. Walmart carries a pretty good stock of for about $4 a bottle. It's a it more expensive to than white gas or the like because you don't get as much of for the same price. Also oil gets a slightly longer burn i thinnk than white gas or kero because it's heavier... at least that's what I've noticed.

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