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Posted:Hey Kids,I thought I'd pass on some bad news. Sometime this morning, due to negligence of sorts by our present webhosting company, every file was deleted from the Incendium/IFR server. This means that all of the Fire People Listings, IFR Members Sites and any other information that was stored on the server has been lost. They were supposed to be backed up by our hosting company, but it's seems there are some loopholes in their backup system into which, they informed us, our websites have fallen.So unfortunately there is no more International Fire Registry. Given the success of Malcolm's network of websites, there doesn't seem to be much point in starting the IFR again from scratch.I apologise to everyone who has added themselves to the Fire People listings, anyone who has recently created a 'Fire Card', and everyone who has submitted a website to the IFR.We will be putting up a redesigned version of the Incendium Website that was already in the works. For obvious reasons we will be setting this up using a different webhosting company so it may take a few days ... I'll let everyone know when it's done.The company that screwed us was ICOM/Interland.Thanksraevonof

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Posted:DAMN ! I am treally sorry to hear that Mr Draevon ...
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Posted:Draevon,I am sorry to hear of the loss, as it was a wonderful resource and I know that you all put heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears into it. Your contribution will be missed.As for your new website, I look forward to seeing what you present us with next!Best to you as always!------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...

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