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Posted:i have been swinging poi now for just over a year and a half. through that amount of time i have used various styles of poi and twirly things. all of my own though have been home-made. now they might not look as snassy as some store bought stuff but they are a hell of alot more durible than what i have tried that was on the retail market.basicaly the reason why i am posting this topic is that i want to know the grade of the equipment that you can get through this site. i can plainly see that the majority of it is appealing to the eye but is it tuff and worth the money.are there any of you out there who have made the investment to any of the products which are readily availiable through the homeofpoi we page.if so please post some feedback. i'd love to hear some critique.redmow spinspinspin

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Kinudin (Soul Fyre)

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Posted:RedmowI recently bought the Practice Poi, they work great. Heavier than glowsticks, but hurt less. Practicing them and their snazzy looking comets is a blast.Also I bought an ElectroGlo staff. It's spiffy as well, and it's the first staff I've ever used so I can't compare it to anything else.Kinudin(Happy Spinning!)


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