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Posted:If HoP had a "Wish List" facility, like Amazon and others have, would you use it?...And what would be on it?...And Malcolm, would you consider doing it? And would it be hard to do?For me, I *need* (desperately, and cannot live any longer without) another short twirling stick, a meteor or two and one of those neat 3 piece long staffs.What about you?

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Posted:(Note, I started this subject earlier... but maybe I got the idea from you and I didn't see it?)I agree, this would be a spiffy function. Maybe set in the cookies? I kinda get tired of going to the shop (and I admit I goto it more than 5 times a day), reading the info on the items in the shop then begging my parents if I could buy it. (with my own money of course
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hehe)But yea, I would basicly have the meteors, three piece 2.5 inch wick, dual wick fire poi. Maybe some of the buzz poi. Another electroglo staff (mine comes this weekend hopefully!!)I also think that HoP should sell flags and maybe fuel. But the fuel option might bring up contriversy between the parents and the young people on the board (I know it would with my parents).



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Posted:What about some different chain and link options? It would be good if we could buy those little connectors that go through the stacked cathedral kevlar - especially if they were a little longer. Does everyone like ballchain?Oh yeah, some flashy knickers and rechargeable batteries.
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Posted:The HOP shop did have the "wish list" but I removed it because it confused me. Will be updating shop in future so I may put it back in then.Been looking for a flag manufacturer who can do wholesale. Have not found one yet. May just have to ask one of our other suppliers if they can make them.Thanks for the ideasMalcolm

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Posted:Um...1.Gift certificates? or something like that that can work on the net...2. Sparkly poi construction kit (there might actually be a market for this).3. Poi jars - Fuel tight container for storing smelly poi in. (not sure if this is a safe idea or not)4. A small printed leaflet desciribing some of the more common side effects of fuel and smoke inhalation, firebreathing dangers and chemical issues. Also quickly highlighting common fire mistakes such as using wet blankets which can give steamburns, and a list of suitable and unsuitable fuels. And what suggested safety gear to carry, including info on the different types of fire extinguishers.Obviously there would be a disclaimer saying the information is by no means the only dangers and all firedancers should continually keep themselves up to date with current dangers, both immediate and long term5. A flint sparker, like the one I got for xmas.6. A signed autograph of Charles (oops, did I say that?)7. Icecream (there's always room for icecream)------------------Charles (INFERNO)newdolbel@hotmail.com[This message has been edited by Charles (edited 04 February 2002).]

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