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the henna lady
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Posted:Malcolm and I were talking earlier about why people become publically presented artists.It is really easy to keep spinning for the joy in your back yard and at friends parties.Recently my email box and HoP seems to have an upsurgence of "I am looking to be a professional performer" type things, which is not bad at all, mind you.What I am curious about is why do you want to become a performer?For me, I have always been a performer. From dancing when I was very young to stage and singing to improv and now fire. As much as I am a writer and fill my words with passion, I do the same for every personality on stage and for every movement and show. It is a release, an escape, for me and I truly go batty when I don't get it. In a way it is a validation as well. There are times when I feel I have no other purpose in life than to try to make people feel...to laugh, to cry, to awe, to fear, to think and wonder, and to present it in a way that is outside thier comfortable norm. Performing allows me to validate that purpose, that desire, to express my emotion and make others feel at the same time. There is no feeling in the world than watching people's faces shift and fill with any emotion, and knowing some part of me (however distant that character might be from the *real* me) did that. And I say any emotion because I am an extremely passionate and sensative person. I *feel* all the time and I see so many going through the daily grind seemingly void of all feeling. I don't understand that but it makes my sense of purpose even stronger. I told Malcolm a friend once said that he does his art for himself, not to share with others, that if others like it or not, he doesn't care. He creates it for himself, he shares it to make money. I sheepishly admit, that is part of my reasoning as well. As long as I do my art(s) and I do them at very least adequately, I might as well make money from it.
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Anyway, those are my reasons, and that is what drives me everyday to rehearse, work out, design, create, plot, plan, research and study...even when I am feeling lazy.
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The Welcome Matt
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Posted:I am no where near a professional level in poi yet, and I don't think where I am located a job would be taken very seriously unless I went to work in a club in Boston or something. However, I still practice everyday for the sheer enjoyment of it. The first time that I even spun in front of people was at a club and I couldn't do more than a forward weave or butterfly. But people still cheered me on and I found that it was such a rush. So everytime I spin in front of people now, I just seem to let out this insane, fast paced show where I can 10 times as many moves and get the first rush that I did the first time. I think thats why I keep at it because I think it's really fun. Image is nothing, fun is everything
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Posted:Why not?
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HOP admin
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Posted:I will probably never be paid to perform on demand on a regular basis. I perform for me and am happy to let people watch. I do it for pleasure and actually move onto a different place of existance when swinging, juggling, escapism, magic or whatever. It flows from within. If someone enjoys it or it brings them pleasure and they give me some money, I accept the money so as not to offend their appreciation.When someone says here is $$ go and perform, I do not believe I do it as well. I get too worried about doing my best. And try much harderI have done shows at old peoples homes, childrens youth clubs (juggling), Rotary club, Corporate groups but it is not the same as performing for fun and smiles. In fact putting a show together is really hard work and puts much extra presure on me that I would rather do without. And I am my own worst boss, being very critical of my past projects.Smiles and happieness of others are my payment and reason for doing a performance.

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Posted:i think its mainly becuase people have the fascination of getting payed for something that they love to do. or something they could bever get tired of doing. Just my2 cents.."S"

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Posted:I have been paid to dance in the past, and it is a natural step for me to go from performing in dance to performing with fire/other toys. I think the reason I want to be a performer is that it is needed. The same way some people want to become actors, performing, acting, singing etc it is all the same.However it isn't *really* a regulated industry. If I was hired to perform, I would look at the venue and the type of job they wanted me to do and think of something that would fit there instead - take for example a band. I would then look at how much a band would cost them for the night, then of course work back from there to determine how much I'm worth. The added danger of fire, but I'm only one person etc etc.Or I would work out how much I'm worth - the cost of equipment over time, practice hours etc would determine how much I charged. I have yet to be hired professionaly for fire yet though, only some performances at friends birthday parties. This is because I haven't advertised though, and I don't know if I will, I think I would prefer to be better before I put myself out there, the same way I did around 4 years dance before I was confident enough to take a job with a group.

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Posted:Malcom, you are one together dude. I know everyone says it but thanks for this site and for being the totally nice guy you are.Reading your attitude put a big smile on my face.

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Posted:I am/was (getting there) the most performance shy person ever - to the point of shaking. I started doing it with friends i met whilst travelling and people would be drawn to the fire. I got used to a few strangers coming over and 'wowing, ooing and aaarring' then someone asked me to do a bar-b-q in front of about 40 strangers and i said no - but i felt ashamed and decided that i would get over my fear. so i did and by the end i was loving it.from there ive sort of progressed. i sometimes busk when i am in real need of some cash, and im doing a wedding in June (shitting myself but). I guess its a natural progression. People love to watch, you get to love to love them watch and then you think why not let people show there appreciaton when you need them too.id agree with Superman, the best job in the world one you enjoy.