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  Posted: I'm not sure this is the right forum, but I have to know...If I were to send in a tape for the Poi Competition, could I use unconventional spins, i.e. wraps and homemade moves? Nearly all of the videos I have seen on this site seem to contain only moves listed in the lessons section. Can I break the rules?thanx
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  Posted:Poiboy.The more unconventional the better, have a look at the Circles of Light I and Circles of Light II Videos.The videos on the site are a beginners introduction course, not a listing of moves you have to stick to.Everyone I know who does fire has a completely different style and a few different moves that distinguish them.Go for it and dazzle us!!!!------------------Charles (INFERNO)newdolbel@hotmail.com

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  Posted:BRING IT ON!!and yes, that needs to be shouted
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  Posted:This is another question, but it's about competitions so I didn't feel like starting a new thread.I've been twirling for a few months now, and though I'm still pretty new, I'm getting pretty good. I live in the philly PA area, and I wanted to know if there are any competitions or shows or anything like that? Where could I send a tape? etc.



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  Posted:HOP's video competition/compilation for COL3 - click for details

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